BoG: So Much Missed Time

Unfortunately I have been late to much of Taza’s story since her training with the mistress of time, so I will need to briefly catch the stone up to date. More details will be forthcoming.

The wyverns engaged in a second “stepping out of time” this time they took more then 100 wyverns, plus their riders and escorts out of phase and gave them 100 years to focus on training, all within just 9 months of real time. The ability to do this means they can recover fast from heavy losses, although Taza has indicated this is a dicey proposition and comes with a lot of risk every time they do it.

One of the Wolf Companies named Storm Wolves (of course they are named that) has sworn loyalty to Wyvern Home after watching Taza kill and sacrifice an inquisitor from the empire. It is rumored the Wolflord who leads it was reported to say he would follow anyone with the fangs it took to take on the Administratium. I believe at least some of the wolves have been breaking off from the Empire but I have not confirmed this until now.

Utilizing her victory of the Inquisitor and his escorting Grey Knights she utilized his life source to stoke back up the life force of the star that powers the gate system that Brennan the See Scout gave to her. This gives the wyverns the ability to catapult across half of the empire, something even we don’t have the ability for. Maybe we should engage in relations with Wyvern Home and possible trade.

Currently we are now on what they call Prime, I believe it may be Kal-Azukari, or the “Middle Realm”. We are looking for the prison cell for Slaanesh where Taza believes she can free her and make her an ally. There is some disquiet in me about this, but I have seen her done other “impossible” things so I will not judge yet. This world is far different, yet very similar to our galaxy, I will report more on this later.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Time Mastery

This is a shortened entry. There were no witnesses and at this time details being written down are being avoided else give power to the others.

What we can confirm is that Taza and her riders left to go on an astral quest to meet with the Mistress of Time. There are many names for her throughout the different races, so for now I will just stick with Mistress of Time.

As they left, only Taza was allowed to pass the guardian. The rest of the riders were turned away, especially Quinn. This resulted in the rest of the group setting up defenses where Taza had left this plane, and wait for her to come.

She did come back, over two standard years later she arrived seeming teeming with power granted to her by the MoT. She looked older, as if she was in her late twenties or maybe early thirties as a human. She had a new totem and she explained to everyone she followed the Mistress of Time. While it had only been two years here, she explained it had been over a hundred for her.

Her arrival heralded a lot of greetings and parties. Quinn seemed to have suffered the worst with her absence was whisked away by her to their room where she stayed for a few days.

She did however relate stories of meeting the Mistress, and the lover of the Mistress named Brett. She said the incarnation she saw was someone that appeared as the Hindu god Kali (Brett was obviously Shiva but he never acknowledged that name). There “Kali” taught Taza how to control small bits of time and how to avoid damaging the universe when using it.

All we know now is that Taza plans on fixing Calamity and perhaps having her become Taza’s rider. The old wolf Russ has not returned so it remains to be seen if he will in fact become her rider as well.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Update about Riders

We have no full new facts to report this time, however we have some updates that may need to be reviewed further in the future.

The entirety of Wyvern Home entered into what they called a “mating flight”. This is where female wyverns as a group will go up on a single flight and attract any and all males to mate with them. This includes other non-flying creatures.

A local artist’s rendition of the mating flight

Taza showed us that wyvern females can have multiple males mate with them at the same time and in fact this is preferred in order to promote diversity. She mated with several males, along with even her sister, the one who holds the Artificer. They all ended up laying eggs on the birth field within a few days.

The next thing that happened was Taza getting closer to what is confirmed as the Wolf Legion Primarch, Leman  Oldivruss. The original leader of the Wolf Legion. It looks like she may take him as a rider. By the way he is more impressive out of his armor.

Portrait from archives of Leman.

That leads us into Blythe and Freya, both of whom are Taza’s riders and both of whom are in love with each other. After a lot of drama, Blythe asked Taza to shift her into a wyvern. She will be leaving Taza as a rider, and taking Freya as a new rider. Leaving Taza with two less riders. I am not sure of the status of the Altharin Daedulus, but I doubt Lhyssa would ever leave Taza, along with Harlequin.

Taza is planning on approaching the “goddess of time” to find out if she can utilize time magic for Wyvern Home. In addition she is hoping to find a way to adjust Calamity, the Nepherim, and make her capable of being a rider.

Kali is one incarnation of time.

In addition Bjorn, the Wolf Legionnaire I talked about last time came back with his fire team. Evidently all the Great Companies in the Wolf Legion are meeting now to determine if they are coming to Taza or not, Bjorn decided to take his scouts ahead and pledge to her there. Taza is looking into merging Bjorn’s group with Damon or Jarl’s wyvern soldiers.

Word came back from the Legion of the Wind’s scouts. We have a confirmed date and time to start the invasion of that system. The “Spiders” have altered the virus bomb with Artificer input and we believe that will take care of almost all of it.

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BoG: The Wolf

Things have been busy for all of Wyvern Home, but most specifically for Taza.

Over the last few weeks she has secured the attention of the Storm Legion, met with representatives of the Wolves Legion and keep up good communication with the Wind Legion.

This is a close representation of “Bjorn”, the wolf that Taza got very diplomatic with before Leman.

In addition she has been arranging for an open flight, talking with the dragons that guard the river to arrange to shift Blythe from a hunter to a Wyvern. She also said goodbye to two of her riders, Luca and Marius as they went off on a mission for Eris.

While all of this has happened she was approached by the Daikan. They had a vision and needed her to go to the planet of PontyPool.It is an old Imperial planet that is self governing. Everything is legal and everything is for sale.

Old City, the oldest section of PontyPool.

Taza didn’t even blink, she accepted what the Daikan had said and went immediately to the planet. There she met Higgins, an older merchant that had an Ogryn and an Orc slave. The Ogryn is named d’Artagnan  and the Ork Obax. She also spread her “diplomacy” equally with a lot of appreciation by the others. She received d’Artagnan as a bodyguard by Higgins while she was on the planet.

She then was drawn to the Green Whore, a very rough night spot. There she met The Wolf. The humans call him Leman, but he will always be known as the Wolf by us.  We haven’t heard anything of him in generations of Moors. She walked into the place and within ten minutes they had hit it off and were engaged in diplomacy very boisterously for days. In fact it appears she may have secured the Wolf Legion by this. He seems to watch after her, protecting her.

Portrait from archives of Leman.

We are preparing to return to Wyvern Home so Taza can fly. This will be a great thing to observe and report back on.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: The Beacon

Book Note: Unfortunately our recording system was not able to record images for this entry. We will endeavor to fix this later. – Petna

Location: Barrus System

We have been in travel for over seven weeks since our last entry. Time has gone pleasantly enough. Taza is training with Calamity on time. The new red wyvern and Legionnaire are preparing for the beacon, and the rest of her riders are a constant state of chaos. We still haven’t fully understood their interactions.

Once we arrived in the Barrus system, we found a Red Giant, with several asteroid fields. There were no active planets or anything large enough to even be called a planetoid. The signal could be felt when we arrived by the wyverns subconsciously, only Taza and Lhyssa could feel the pulses actively.

We found a station in orbit, hidden among the asteroids. It was a small thing, covered in sigils in an automated orbit around the star. Damia identified this as the beacon and Taza quickly bordered it. We noted a few things almost immediately.

The station isn’t the actual beacon. It appears it is some sort of control module and barracks for guards. The beacon can be activated here, but the beacon itself is located in a nearby asteroid.

The beacon is heavily shielded inside the asteroid. I am not sure if we would have found it in less than weeks or months if Taza wasn’t so connected to it. This type of connection could be a great thing or something we should worry about. We don’t know at this point.

The beacon itself seems to have multiple uses, more than we had known about when we arrived.

First we noticed that the beacon has the soul of a psyker. All we know at this time is the psyker is a male and was wanting to sleep. The beacon needs some refitting and recharging and she will be able to talk with him then.

We also determined that the beacon is a navigational device. The astropaths of the Imperium and now nation states and corporations. These beacons can be seen through even most heavy warp storms.

The beacon can be used as a gate. With the correct commands, the beacon can draw on its power source and open a gate that is somewhere between three and five times as powerful as a standard gate. These are evidently only used in emergencies as they may burn out.

The beacons are powered by psy-batteries, which are powered by the psychic power of either sacrifices via a remote feeding system, or by prisoners kept in cells. One of the primary purposes of these beacons are in fact single prison cells. It appears they contain warp creatures and “others”.

It uses these others to power their systems for beacons, gates, ship battery charging and also to help keep psychic barriers up to prevent the others opening up real space. All of this drains the “other” of energy, keeping them trapped in the cell.

Taza studied this creature for a couple of days and decided we would have to come back. First she wants to discuss things with Wyvern Home and bring back the necessary resources to test the other and determine what to do. The prisoner is too powerful to bring home.

So we are heading back to Wyvern Home. It will be interesting to see what this place is like, and to meet some of our lost brethren.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Living Statues


We have been traveling for a few weeks since picking up the “Deathless”. Things have resorted to a normality both Delia and I find almost relaxing. The wyverns are fairly peaceful, if not a bit rabbit like. The riders are a lot different, but not really. It is hard to explain, so maybe in the future I will address it.

About one week out from Talog IV, the location of the Altharin we had two new shipmates. Somehow this Wyvern Home was able to gate two people (and I say people roughly) to the ship. As if they were just walking across the street.

Hippodameia was the first through. She was tall, blond hair, with a cybernetic eye. She is larger then even normal legionnaires, but she seems more like one of us in build. She is very strong, and what they call a Tech-Legionnaire, evidently someone responsible for updating, repairing and maybe even designing legion equipment. We hadn’t realized they had people that could do this, with all their prayers to their god every time they fire a weapon. We assumed they couldn’t invent, upgrade or even repair their equipment.

Example of a Tech-Legionnaire, will get an image of Hippodameia soon.

Jacra was a “Red” wyvern, evidently much like our mages, he is responsible for wards and sigils. I may approach him and ask for more information, it would be something we might understand. He is dark haired, darker skinned with sigils all over his body and he is missing his left eye. He is evidently a “hunter” which is unusual for his caste. Taza seems to know him well.

Normal crew behavior returned to normal, this time with two additional people.

We arrived at Talog IV in a rough condition. The pilot alerted all of us that they were coming into real space, and it was going to be turbulent. Once we entered real space Taza grabbed her head as if she was under a psychic assault and it took her several minutes and the help of the older Elf to calm down and regain control.

I have to say the sight was disconcerting.

During this time Lhyssa, the younger Altharin launched herself at the window and threw herself full force multiple times, bloodying the glass. They eventually got her to calm down and taught her something similar to what Taza was using. They both claimed the sun was jibbering and screaming. From what I have seen, I don’t doubt it. The entire system is warp touched.

We arrived on planet to find a “small” altharin world of a few million people. It has long been abandoned and ravaged. We also found a battlefield where people were living statues, somehow out of phase with reality. Frozen in mid-action in the last minutes of an assault.

We noted there were maybe 200 Altharins left standing, thousands of warp creatures and other’s swarming the hill they were on, like a swarm of ants.

Taza found the brother she was looking for. He was frozen, his hand stuck in the middle of an Altharin Cannon Crystal of some sort. He was severely wounded as was everyone around him. A resigned look on his face frozen. Creatures were launching themselves at him and others, also frozen in mid air.

Horrific Altharin Weapon

We determined a few things:

  • The Altharins were being overwhelmed by the enemy, this battlefield is probably the last of defending Altharins. Tens of thousands of enemy around them. This included weapons fire frozen in mid flight.
  • The Altharins had detonated the crystal of a Displacer Cannon. I have read about these weapons, they would phase their targets momentarily into the warp, destroying/slaying anything in the range, then reappearing as remains in reality.
  • It appeared they hoped it would detonate large enough to destroy the enemy surrounding them, I doubt highly they intended to freeze anything.
  • Since the destruction of this planet eons ago, someone unknown has been harvesting people out of the statuary. They are not fully there in reality, but Taza and her people found if they are wrapped in “Spider Silk” she can use her time ability to move them out of the area. They are still frozen, but now not part of the living scene on the planet.
  • Those others have obviously been harvesting both Altharins and monsters for their own purposes. I wonder if this is how the brother became a “fallen” Altharin before blowing up my world.
  • We found many stasis tubes and grabbed all the Altharins that could be gotten, along with multiples of each type of enemy for testing.
  • Taza said one of her hunters named Mercedes must have come near something like this when she retrieved a “daemon”.

Once we retrieved what we could, Taza did not want to stay very long. Hippodamaie had secured several pieces of Altharin equipment and faster than you could call the morning list for services we were back on the ship leaving quickly.

I have not talked to Taza yet about this, I will do that after I am done writing.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Koshchei the Deathless

Location: Minth Star System

It took us several weeks of travel since meeting up with the Flickering Blades to reach the Minth Star System, the location of the Flickering Blades dog.

We arrived in system with a Red Dwarf. The Pilot mentioned it was a different star at some point in time, the exposure to the Warp or portals caused a change. There was only one standing planet in the system, it was long abandoned, with no practical atmosphere.

We came in on the only structures on the planet, it was an older abandoned research base. As we flew in, we noted three spacecraft parked, none of them were fully active. Taza decided to take all three if she could, by gating into the ships then the base by access into the venting system.

The planet had no measurable atmosphere

We eventually made our way into the base after securing all three ships. All of them were parked in landing mode with no sign of crews ready to take off. This was a good sign that they were not expecting us.

We snuck into the lower levels and found the “other’s” warband killed. Every single one of them had been butchered like cattle. Their brains, spinal cords and hearts ripped out.

Dead were everywhere.

Taza did confirm though that the dog was still alive in the medbay, and when Calamity secured the security system we could see the dog, and a single person or creature who was idly eating part of the other leader.

They began talking and Taza eventually ended up in the medical room with Koshchei the Deathless. A person of some sort that had been imprisoned many centuries ago. He was incredibly skinny, skeletal almost and very tall. The power he exuded could even be felt by those of us who do not have magical capabilities. He seems to have a power akin to shaping, and he hunts living prey. He told us his story.

The other’s arrived five days before us and had opened the cage that Koshchei was tied up in. The resulting bloodbath killed 14 warp/other followers, and left the dog as the only living being not being eaten by him. He greeted Taza warmly enough, and they engaged in close negotiations.

The final result appears an alliance for now. He agreed not to hunt Wyverns explicitly, but it was clear it could happen on an individual basis. For some reason Taza seems to have accepted that and he is now traveling with the crew back to Wyvern Home.

The crew is a bit uneasy with our new traveller. I should clarify, the non-Wyverns are uneasy, the wyverns seem to not notice him, except they do give him a degree of caution they don’t to many others.

Our next stop will be the location of the “brother” Altharin.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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