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This website is currently trying to catch up to where Taza is in her journeys into space. Fortunately it isn’t very far behind, but you will see lots of extra info being tossed up here for the next few weeks.

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Sabres and Dragons

Taza had just completed the work on Calamity, things were returning to normal when Lorel, Taza’s sister, showed up out of the blue. She was accompanied by Fontaine, one of Meg’s grandchildren who was a lawyer, and two reds (Kalipso, his assistant, and McKeeley, who was Kalipso’s assistant). The lawyers were here to help Stewart and Shiela, Lorel wasn’t.

Taza knew Lorel’s arrival wasn’t approved by Axl who was in charge, and Lorel denied all attempts to coerce her to leave. Instead Lorel began digging into the pool area, laying in spider silk, and spider traps, to defend the new hold.

Shiela, the Executive Officer of the station objected, but after some effort Taza was able to convince her that it was good for the station as well. During Lorel’s digging into the hull, she found that the Holy See had been utilizing advanced camera systems. It didn’t take long for Lorel to remove them from the station, and Taza was able to pinpoint the See representative by smell. The recognition of that smell may come in handy later.

The Daikan approached Lorel and an uneasy alliance was reinforced, allowing Lorel access to even lower levels that the pool was not part of. Over the last three months relations with the Daikan have progressed very well, some Daikan have moved in with the wyverns.

Simon meanwhile approached Taza and offered to take her to meet the Black Dragons, an even smaller legion then the Wind. Taza arrived on the docking level and approached these five larger than legionnaire figures. Before she could do much, Marius and the leader of the Dragons, a man named Catallus butted heads with each other. Before anything too deadly could happen however both groups became under attack.

Black Dragon – Catallus?

The Crimson Sabres attacked both groups and a firefight ensued. The fight resulted in Taza obtaining full form and destroying their drop ship, while Blythe revealed her ability to chop up the Legionnaires that were outside the ship. The tricky part was that Taza didn’t mean to blow up the ship and damage Pondry Station by ripping a hole in the ship and blowing fire.

Crimson’s Sabres

After Taza agreed to pay the fine for the damage of Pondry Station, she met with Catallus, and his people Gearing, Horace and Celia. They were the equivalent of Legionnaire orks and trolls. Covered in fine scales, sharp teeth and Catallus with large horns marked them as dragon touched.

A reference to “The Lady” was made, it is unclear if the Lady is a dragon, or the voice of the dragon that Taza believes rules over the Legion. The next point of business is to approach the Lady and see if alliances could be made.

Also, sandwiches and relaxation were made with Taza, her people and Catallus and his people.

Sometimes a sandwich isn’t a sandwich.

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Cherries with that?

Outside Jaxson’s Lair

Taza was ready to work on Calamity, her wings to be exact. In order to unlock their potential she needed access to enough mana, and Jaxson was the one who had it. His “lair” is on a ley line that would help power the spell.

She arrived at Jaxson’s but before she could go into his room she was stopped by the largest human she had met. He introduced himself as Rhoombus, and bade her stop. Evidently Jaxson was in trouble, he owed some money and Rhoombus’s leader was in “negotiations” with him.

Rhoombus was polite, but did not allow her to proceed. Eventually they were joined by Cyar the Younger, a Kharne tainted beastman who seemed to be in control of that touch. They talked for awhile, it involved Taza pulling hairs off of Cyar, who in turn pulled scales off of Taza while she was still in human form.

Before things got too loud, a Daikan named Cherrie came into the room and talked with Taza. Over the course of a few hours they got to know each other and eventually when the fourth person, a human named Kord left the room with Jaxson, that in fact Cherrie was the leader of the group who were part of “The Wings”, loosely affiliated organized crime.

More talking happened, which then devolved (or is it evolved) into sex. Alliances were made and Taza agreed to give Cherrie and her crew 5% of everything that came through the gate. In turn they would help Taza set up more gates in the surrounding 21 systems and would help defend them.

At the end, Calamity herself showed up and Taza unlocked the wings in her genetic code. No damage seemed to occur but it is unknown at this time what effect it will have on Calamity or her relationships with the companions. However, it should be noted that Calamity is now tied to Wyvern Home through her wings, so it is a safe bet she is not a danger to Wyvern Home or Taza.

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The Wings

The Wings are a loosely interconnected criminal organization spread across the remnants of the Imperium. The origins of the Wings are mostly lost. There are stories of the original crew starting as child slaves several hundred years ago that had escaped their owner. They had no way to make money so they committed crimes. It isn’t known if this is true or not at this time, and no one knows why they are called “The Wings”.

Each “crew” is generally 5-30 individuals who follow one of their number. They engage in all forms of crime ranging from smuggling, prostitution, drugs, extortion and even murder for hire. They however do avoid all forms of slavery, and children are off limits. They try to avoid anything that inflicts harm on innocents as well, although this is more of a grey area.

The result of this is that “The Wing” enjoy a reputation of being protected by a lot of street level people, well at least those that aren’t involved in the crime as victims. The Wing are not truly Robin Hood though, they are in it for profit and for their teammates.

Because they are often smaller groups, they have allied with larger street level criminals and through threats, bribery and other forms of payment they utilize those assets when needed.

Each crew usually have their own symbols and names to represent their deeds, history and to gain a reputation. They leave messages both electronic and physical between each other in a form of hobo language.

Known Crews (members):
Cherrie’s Jubilee (Cherrie, Cyar the Younger, Rhombus/Trigger, Kord) – Local around Pondry Station and the surrounding multiple systems. Led by Cherrie Coke a Daikan with Cyar the Younger (beastman warrior, formerly Kharne follower), Rhombus/Trigger (a “Tank” human) and Kord the human. They have formed an agreement with Taza.

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Blythe, rider and hunter spirit

Security footage of Blythe

Name: Blythe
Gender: Female
Race:  Rider (appears as a humanoid) she rides Taza and is one of Dunklezahn’s hunter spirits.
Magic/Psionic Capable: Not traditionally, as a hunter spirit though she has several spirit powers.
List of Personal Logs:

  • None

Description and Mannerisms 

Blythe is a taller appearing woman. Dark skin with white, gold and blue markings across her body. Her hair is lighter silver/white and her eyes colors shift slightly, with runes that shift when you look at them.

She tends to be one of the quieter riders, following Taza around. She is capable of going fully astral and tracking her prey that way. many of her knacks include tracking, combat and the ability to see in absolute darkness.

Her unusual manner of dress was tribalish at one time, however her exposure to Taza and the rest of the group has left her wearing jeans, t-shirts and cowboy boots. Everyone is fairly sure she adopted the cowboy boots because of Harlequin.

Blythe is in love with Freya and the two of them are loyal to Taza unto death and beyond. Dunklezahn is the creator of her people, and they reference him as “the mountain”, their creator god. After Taza’s rescue of her people and their subsequent living with Dunklezahn and Taza they have grown affectionate of Taza and have named her “The Wind that Wears Down the Mountain”, because of Taza’s ability to change their god’s decisions.

Taza has stepped in with Dunklezahn and has freed the hunters after a lot of dispute and debate with her husband. This has gained her even more affection from all the hunter spirits, and several worship her as the sun in return (much to her chagrin).

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Harlequin, rider and mentor

Name: Harlequin, aka Har’lea’quinn, Caimbuel, or Quentin ‘Quinn’ Harlech
Gender: Male
Race:  Rider (appears as an Elf) Rides Taza
Magic/Psionic Capable: Yes on both counts.
List of Personal Logs:

  • None

Description and Mannerisms 

Harlequin’s hair is goldish-brown, but usually dyes it red and keeps it tied in a ponytail. His eyes are green, with gold flecks, but may change depending on his mood. His left ear was cut off in his first duel with Ehran. He had worn a prosthetic ear until Taza healed it. He is average height for an elf, being a head shorter in height than Ehran.

His usual manner of dress is a long black or brown leather coat, with lots of buttons on the lapel. Underneath the coat, he wears blue jeans, a cotton t-shirt, along with anaconda-skin cowboy boots.

His face is usually painted. Sometimes, it is a single diamond over one eye. More frequently, it is full whiteface with diamonds over both eyes and a triangle over his mouth. The colors may vary depending on mood. He has painted himself this way since at least the Renaissance.

Harlequin is temperamental, with his attitude, manner, philosophy, dress, and accent, all subject to change depending on his mood. He is quick-witted, but his jokes may depend on some enigmatic reference that few in the world would understand. Harlequin is quick to anger, but quick to forgive. He is unbelievably vain.


Harlequin is one of the most powerful individuals in the Sixth World. He is an immortal elf who has frequently fought the Horrors, and has so far kept them from prematurely entering the Sixth World (earth).

He has been described as the embodiment of chaos — unpredictable, mercurial, and usually quite detached. He is a reluctant knight, not wanting to save the world, but often knowing he is the only one in a position who can do so.

During the initial wave of the most recent scourge, Quin met Taza and mentored her. He developed a fondness for the young wyvern and eventually became one of her riders. He now lives with the wyverns and is fiercely protective over his new kin. Something about them has awakened his desire to no longer be reluctant, now he wants to actively aid these new creatures, along with the rest of the world.

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The Story So Far

Pondry Station

The earth has been trapped in warp storms for centuries and has not yet begun space exploration. It is now under siege by various forces, threatening to overwhelm it. In order to fight back, Wyvernhome has sent Taza out to find allies.

Taza left earth with her companions and arrived at Pondry Station. She found herself surrounded by dozens of new races, ships, and technology.

Not to be overwhelmed Taza quickly moved forward and made contact with the locals. There she met Neila, a cargo master and Calamity, a local thief. Using these new friends she arranged to meet with the Daikan on board the ship (a race not unlike the wyverns themselves). She talked with one of the elders named Adelaide and an agreement was made that the Daikan would aid the Wyverns in setting up a pool.

With the aid of Calamity, she met up with some of the heads of the underworld on Pondry Station and the surrounding systems. Jaxon, a humanoid variant of a dragon dog, and Glint a beastman both took a liking to Taza and she was able to swing a deal.

She agreed to give up a tax to the two for the use of the ley line that Jaxon and Glint were settled on. This line was settled on the site of an old Empire beacon, long since fallen into disuse. This ley line would allow a gate to be formed and thereby giving Wyvern Home gate access to Pondry Station and a foothold into the star systems nearby. In return she agreed to give Jaxon 12% and Glint for 3% of all trade through the station.

She then met station manager, Stewart, an anthropomorphic wolf. They made nice with each other and she then met Sheila. She got her deal with Jaxon approved by them, and then offered them lawyers to help against the corporations that had caused them to be in debt.

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I just updated the navigation for the website. There are little details that have been added. Real posts should be going up fairly quickly.

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