BoG: The Wolf

Things have been busy for all of Wyvern Home, but most specifically for Taza.

Over the last few weeks she has secured the attention of the Storm Legion, met with representatives of the Wolves Legion and keep up good communication with the Wind Legion.

This is a close representation of “Bjorn”, the wolf that Taza got very diplomatic with before Leman.

In addition she has been arranging for an open flight, talking with the dragons that guard the river to arrange to shift Blythe from a hunter to a Wyvern. She also said goodbye to two of her riders, Luca and Marius as they went off on a mission for Eris.

While all of this has happened she was approached by the Daikan. They had a vision and needed her to go to the planet of PontyPool.It is an old Imperial planet that is self governing. Everything is legal and everything is for sale.

Old City, the oldest section of PontyPool.

Taza didn’t even blink, she accepted what the Daikan had said and went immediately to the planet. There she met Higgins, an older merchant that had an Ogryn and an Orc slave. The Ogryn is named d’Artagnan  and the Ork Obax. She also spread her “diplomacy” equally with a lot of appreciation by the others. She received d’Artagnan as a bodyguard by Higgins while she was on the planet.

She then was drawn to the Green Whore, a very rough night spot. There she met The Wolf. The humans call him Leman, but he will always be known as the Wolf by us.  We haven’t heard anything of him in generations of Moors. She walked into the place and within ten minutes they had hit it off and were engaged in diplomacy very boisterously for days. In fact it appears she may have secured the Wolf Legion by this. He seems to watch after her, protecting her.

Portrait from archives of Leman.

We are preparing to return to Wyvern Home so Taza can fly. This will be a great thing to observe and report back on.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: The Beacon

Book Note: Unfortunately our recording system was not able to record images for this entry. We will endeavor to fix this later. – Petna

Location: Barrus System

We have been in travel for over seven weeks since our last entry. Time has gone pleasantly enough. Taza is training with Calamity on time. The new red wyvern and Legionnaire are preparing for the beacon, and the rest of her riders are a constant state of chaos. We still haven’t fully understood their interactions.

Once we arrived in the Barrus system, we found a Red Giant, with several asteroid fields. There were no active planets or anything large enough to even be called a planetoid. The signal could be felt when we arrived by the wyverns subconsciously, only Taza and Lhyssa could feel the pulses actively.

We found a station in orbit, hidden among the asteroids. It was a small thing, covered in sigils in an automated orbit around the star. Damia identified this as the beacon and Taza quickly bordered it. We noted a few things almost immediately.

The station isn’t the actual beacon. It appears it is some sort of control module and barracks for guards. The beacon can be activated here, but the beacon itself is located in a nearby asteroid.

The beacon is heavily shielded inside the asteroid. I am not sure if we would have found it in less than weeks or months if Taza wasn’t so connected to it. This type of connection could be a great thing or something we should worry about. We don’t know at this point.

The beacon itself seems to have multiple uses, more than we had known about when we arrived.

First we noticed that the beacon has the soul of a psyker. All we know at this time is the psyker is a male and was wanting to sleep. The beacon needs some refitting and recharging and she will be able to talk with him then.

We also determined that the beacon is a navigational device. The astropaths of the Imperium and now nation states and corporations. These beacons can be seen through even most heavy warp storms.

The beacon can be used as a gate. With the correct commands, the beacon can draw on its power source and open a gate that is somewhere between three and five times as powerful as a standard gate. These are evidently only used in emergencies as they may burn out.

The beacons are powered by psy-batteries, which are powered by the psychic power of either sacrifices via a remote feeding system, or by prisoners kept in cells. One of the primary purposes of these beacons are in fact single prison cells. It appears they contain warp creatures and “others”.

It uses these others to power their systems for beacons, gates, ship battery charging and also to help keep psychic barriers up to prevent the others opening up real space. All of this drains the “other” of energy, keeping them trapped in the cell.

Taza studied this creature for a couple of days and decided we would have to come back. First she wants to discuss things with Wyvern Home and bring back the necessary resources to test the other and determine what to do. The prisoner is too powerful to bring home.

So we are heading back to Wyvern Home. It will be interesting to see what this place is like, and to meet some of our lost brethren.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Living Statues


We have been traveling for a few weeks since picking up the “Deathless”. Things have resorted to a normality both Delia and I find almost relaxing. The wyverns are fairly peaceful, if not a bit rabbit like. The riders are a lot different, but not really. It is hard to explain, so maybe in the future I will address it.

About one week out from Talog IV, the location of the Altharin we had two new shipmates. Somehow this Wyvern Home was able to gate two people (and I say people roughly) to the ship. As if they were just walking across the street.

Hippodameia was the first through. She was tall, blond hair, with a cybernetic eye. She is larger then even normal legionnaires, but she seems more like one of us in build. She is very strong, and what they call a Tech-Legionnaire, evidently someone responsible for updating, repairing and maybe even designing legion equipment. We hadn’t realized they had people that could do this, with all their prayers to their god every time they fire a weapon. We assumed they couldn’t invent, upgrade or even repair their equipment.

Example of a Tech-Legionnaire, will get an image of Hippodameia soon.

Jacra was a “Red” wyvern, evidently much like our mages, he is responsible for wards and sigils. I may approach him and ask for more information, it would be something we might understand. He is dark haired, darker skinned with sigils all over his body and he is missing his left eye. He is evidently a “hunter” which is unusual for his caste. Taza seems to know him well.

Normal crew behavior returned to normal, this time with two additional people.

We arrived at Talog IV in a rough condition. The pilot alerted all of us that they were coming into real space, and it was going to be turbulent. Once we entered real space Taza grabbed her head as if she was under a psychic assault and it took her several minutes and the help of the older Elf to calm down and regain control.

I have to say the sight was disconcerting.

During this time Lhyssa, the younger Altharin launched herself at the window and threw herself full force multiple times, bloodying the glass. They eventually got her to calm down and taught her something similar to what Taza was using. They both claimed the sun was jibbering and screaming. From what I have seen, I don’t doubt it. The entire system is warp touched.

We arrived on planet to find a “small” altharin world of a few million people. It has long been abandoned and ravaged. We also found a battlefield where people were living statues, somehow out of phase with reality. Frozen in mid-action in the last minutes of an assault.

We noted there were maybe 200 Altharins left standing, thousands of warp creatures and other’s swarming the hill they were on, like a swarm of ants.

Taza found the brother she was looking for. He was frozen, his hand stuck in the middle of an Altharin Cannon Crystal of some sort. He was severely wounded as was everyone around him. A resigned look on his face frozen. Creatures were launching themselves at him and others, also frozen in mid air.

Horrific Altharin Weapon

We determined a few things:

  • The Altharins were being overwhelmed by the enemy, this battlefield is probably the last of defending Altharins. Tens of thousands of enemy around them. This included weapons fire frozen in mid flight.
  • The Altharins had detonated the crystal of a Displacer Cannon. I have read about these weapons, they would phase their targets momentarily into the warp, destroying/slaying anything in the range, then reappearing as remains in reality.
  • It appeared they hoped it would detonate large enough to destroy the enemy surrounding them, I doubt highly they intended to freeze anything.
  • Since the destruction of this planet eons ago, someone unknown has been harvesting people out of the statuary. They are not fully there in reality, but Taza and her people found if they are wrapped in “Spider Silk” she can use her time ability to move them out of the area. They are still frozen, but now not part of the living scene on the planet.
  • Those others have obviously been harvesting both Altharins and monsters for their own purposes. I wonder if this is how the brother became a “fallen” Altharin before blowing up my world.
  • We found many stasis tubes and grabbed all the Altharins that could be gotten, along with multiples of each type of enemy for testing.
  • Taza said one of her hunters named Mercedes must have come near something like this when she retrieved a “daemon”.

Once we retrieved what we could, Taza did not want to stay very long. Hippodamaie had secured several pieces of Altharin equipment and faster than you could call the morning list for services we were back on the ship leaving quickly.

I have not talked to Taza yet about this, I will do that after I am done writing.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Koshchei the Deathless

Location: Minth Star System

It took us several weeks of travel since meeting up with the Flickering Blades to reach the Minth Star System, the location of the Flickering Blades dog.

We arrived in system with a Red Dwarf. The Pilot mentioned it was a different star at some point in time, the exposure to the Warp or portals caused a change. There was only one standing planet in the system, it was long abandoned, with no practical atmosphere.

We came in on the only structures on the planet, it was an older abandoned research base. As we flew in, we noted three spacecraft parked, none of them were fully active. Taza decided to take all three if she could, by gating into the ships then the base by access into the venting system.

The planet had no measurable atmosphere

We eventually made our way into the base after securing all three ships. All of them were parked in landing mode with no sign of crews ready to take off. This was a good sign that they were not expecting us.

We snuck into the lower levels and found the “other’s” warband killed. Every single one of them had been butchered like cattle. Their brains, spinal cords and hearts ripped out.

Dead were everywhere.

Taza did confirm though that the dog was still alive in the medbay, and when Calamity secured the security system we could see the dog, and a single person or creature who was idly eating part of the other leader.

They began talking and Taza eventually ended up in the medical room with Koshchei the Deathless. A person of some sort that had been imprisoned many centuries ago. He was incredibly skinny, skeletal almost and very tall. The power he exuded could even be felt by those of us who do not have magical capabilities. He seems to have a power akin to shaping, and he hunts living prey. He told us his story.

The other’s arrived five days before us and had opened the cage that Koshchei was tied up in. The resulting bloodbath killed 14 warp/other followers, and left the dog as the only living being not being eaten by him. He greeted Taza warmly enough, and they engaged in close negotiations.

The final result appears an alliance for now. He agreed not to hunt Wyverns explicitly, but it was clear it could happen on an individual basis. For some reason Taza seems to have accepted that and he is now traveling with the crew back to Wyvern Home.

The crew is a bit uneasy with our new traveller. I should clarify, the non-Wyverns are uneasy, the wyverns seem to not notice him, except they do give him a degree of caution they don’t to many others.

Our next stop will be the location of the “brother” Altharin.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: Meeting the Flickering Blades

We have been journeying towards the Altharin Brother and the beacon that Taza wants to investigate. Things have settled to a normality and life seems good as we arrived on a station that I believed is called Nostros.

Landing Dock Alpha on the Nostros

While we were on station Taza was approached by more Legionnaires. This time however, they were the Flickering Blades, a Slaaneshi warband worshipping offshoot (Marius called them a Second Founding) Legion that was part of the World Eaters, a traitor Legion.

Flickering Blade Raid on Casper Systems.

The Legion Commander is named Volupuli, with her (I believe it is a she) second in command named Sisy, short for Sisyphus. They both talked for a couple of days with Taza and she has decided to see if she can free them from Slaaneshi taint, and eventually remove the taint on Slaaneshi herself.

Legion Champion Volupuli

We are still unsure of the details, but these are the general facts:

  • Taza is going to rescue a “dog” that belongs to the Flickering Blades. We are unsure what the Slaaneshi Legionnaires consider a dog, but they can’t rescue it. So of course Taza volunteered.
  • Taza cleansed Sisy of all taint. We don’t know if she tied Sisy to her or not. Sisy is now assisting Taza in many things.
  • The Flickering Blades are not well known by our people, their territory did not cross the Moor Empires in a more than passing way.
  • They are “gifted” like you would expect from any worshiper of Slaaneshi.
  • Taza believes she can cleanse their whole Legion, if they will let her. She also believes she can cleans Slaaneshi herself.
  • I would claim it is just bragging, but she has done enough that I can’t discount her words.
  • Once the dog is rescued, we will proceed to the brother of the Altharin she promised to help.
  • Sometime in that time period we should be getting a Tech specialist from the Legion of the Wind, along with at least one “Red” for magical support. We will report more on this when we know.

That is what we know now on Taza’s plan. We are sure there is more to come.

Until the stone returns to dust.


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BoG: The Blue Star

We have been traveling with Taza for a few weeks now and we have learned a lot. She is now on a quest to reach a blue star.

It appears like this

We have learned much already during our talks with Taza. The wyverns are a spirit race, created by others to fight the warp and the darkness. We still haven’t witnessed her society as a whole, but if she is any indication they are definitely a new race, with newer ideas.

We met her riders and they are from a varied set of peoples and outlooks.

Quinn: He appears an Altharin, however there are things about him that ring familiar. He is not a native Altharin though, he was born on Taza’s world and is many thousands of years old. He is a practitioner of some ancient magics, and he is a sleaze. He does love her though, that is unusual for any of the knife ears.

Blythe: She is some sort of spirit. She crackles when she walks, and the air around her shifts slightly. We have heard of such things, but we don’t have any of those details in this book. We will have to go to an archive to learn more.

Freya: She also appears as some sort of elf, but she carriers herself like a Moor. She is quiet, attractive, and protective. Is this some sort of possible breeding with Moors, maybe some sort of half blood? We will have to investigate further.

Lhyssa and Daedalus: Two actual born Altharins (probably third generation) who are loyal to Taza. Lhyssa appears unstable, but still fanatically loyal, while Daedalus appears more of Lhyssa’s handler. Not much was learned.

Luca and Marius: Two Legionnaires from the Legion of the Wind. Our book has little about that Legion, another thing to upgrade at an archive. Luca appears to be a Librarian, while Marius is a commander for the Legion. Both are quiet and circumspect around us, but there seems to be some sort of low level disagreement between Marius and Taza.

Calamity: Calamity is a throwback to an older race. She is not actually Taza’s rider, but appears she might be one of the races from the old times. Able to transit faster in warp then others. This would be a boon if we could learn it, or even understand how it happens. If we could reopen our old paths between Cairns that would be beneficial, and may save us.

During our travels to meet with her riders, Taza was trying to talk to a far off blue star. She says that the star whispers to her, but she can’t make it all out. It is important to follow that star.

Her riders seem to take it in stride that she talks to stars. She has also claimed to be a Star Child. We have heard rumors that Star Children can talk to stars, but we have never gotten the information on why or how.

The Star information alone is valuable to the survival of our people. This combined with Taza fighting the Darkness means that I, Petna, will need to travel with Taza for the foreseeable future.

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BoG: Meeting Taza

My name is Petna, and I am now the acting holder of Kharzan’s Book of Grudges. It is my eternal duty to document the events around me and to record the struggle of my people.

What is known by this Book Maiden is that Taza of Wyvern Home, arrived on Kharzan IV via a warp connection. Her arrival on the moon was foretold in Chapter 5,413/17 of the third book. She met with Jaiden and his siblings, the local bondsman watching over the Number 4 Kuala Farm.

Kharzan IV Moon overlooking Kharzan IV Forge

After establishing her presence she paid for passage on the Fortunate Daughter, a trading vessel captained by Merrick Heimdahl, and copiloted by Sherzim Zuaghtry and Konish Meckdem. She established a friendship with Merrick and had some sort of conflict with Konish.

The Fortunate Daughter landing

Her arrival on planet was at the same time as the Altharin Prisoner Tem’al Lightnier. Tem’al had been hunted for years by the Third Royal Guard for murder, terrorism and other crimes against the Stone.

Taza stayed with Merrick that evening, learning some of the bonding customs that are common among our clan. Merrick seems to be taken with her, and I can see why. She is beautiful, smart, and there is something about her that makes me smile.

She was concerned about the arrest of Tem’al and came to the audience. It is a shame our people did not listen to her, or at least realize something might be amiss.

Taza waited in the audience to speak with Lord Heimdahl, who was also Merrick’s uncle. During this waiting period our lady Geyasha noticed her. It wasn’t just her beauty, but Geyasha told this maiden that something inside Taza spoke to her.

She summoned Taza over and it was my pleasure to introduce myself and Corneliea to Taza. The time was passed very pleasantly within Geyasha’s throne as we waited for the Lords of Kharzan to conduct the daily business, and then the business with the prisoners.

Taza must have noticed something though, she became very alarmed, concerned for the safety of herself and the people of the Stone. She approached the prisoner and after speaking with him she went into action.

I do not know the exact situation, I have been told by Taza that the Altharin was a specially bred Elf that was a living bomb. Somehow he had passed on the part of him that was a bomb and it was delivered by traitors to the armory and was detonated there.

Temal asking Taza to find his brother.

Taza of Wyvern Home was kind enough to warn us of the impending danger and Geyasha pleaded with the High Lords to attempt evacuation. They laughed at her and Geyasha upheld her duties and stayed with the Lords, trying to convince them otherwise.

Geyasha did however release this book to her loyal servant Petna and Taza took me, Merrick and Cornelia via some sort of warp jump back to the moon and Jaiden. The explosion from Kharzan was too great though and Taza was able to quickly jump again, exhausting the energy of the sun to Sturrick IV Observation Post.

She took myself, Cornelia, Jaiden, his siblings and 12 of the Kuala’s. Her first concerns were for us. I still do not know what to make of that.

I will continue to report on the events as they unfold.

Until the Stone returns to dust.


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